Health Problems that Related to Obesity

  Health is a state of being sound physically, mentally and spiritually and most importantly it is free from pain and diseases of the body.  It is the general condition or state of someone or something, for instance fighting for the health of our precious oceans, or poor economic health of a country. Fitness refers to the excellent state of health of a person as a product of good exercising and nutrition.

Healthy routine is a discipline

 A healthy routine will determine your state in midlife and years after that. This includes exercising, consuming balanced diets and sleeping well. This practice will set you on a path to accomplishment.

Consuming unhealthy foods that are processed, uneven sleep pattern and dormancy cause a low-level inflammatory reaction in your body.  These reactions slowly increase and grow into diseases like heart disease, obesity, cancerous tumors, just naming a few.

When you focus on nutrition and basically what you eat by increasing intake of green leafy vegetables, whole meal grains, fruits and a lot of water. Water and raw fruit juices are fluids that assist in keeping a temperature of the body low, sheds toxins through sweating and urine excretion. Consequently keep a stable share of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals. People should avoid unnatural fats from diets and aim to stop consuming them totally.

Importance of exercises is mostly emphasized when it comes to healthy routine. They should be included on most days of the week for a minimum of thirty minutes. Exercises of moderate intensity like running, walking fast are some of the examples you can do.

Complications brought about by obesity

Obesity is brought about when a person weighs more than 20% of average weight having considered their height. Well, it is not yet proved that every obese person would have issues related to health as stated below, however, if someone in your family has suffered one of the complications it raises your risk of suffering too. These issues include; osteoarthritis, gout, cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart problems among others.


This a difficulty affecting joints at the hip, back and knee of a person. This happens when excess weight and force put on joints destroy cartilages. Osteoarthritis can be countered only when a person takes the initiative to go on a weight loss program.


This condition affects a person’s joints when an excessive amount of uric acid present in the blood is converted to crystal form and stored in joints. This problem mostly affects overweight and obese people.


This is an unrestrained growth of abnormal cells in the body. Types of cancers that are brought about by obesity include colon cancer, cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the kidney, breast cancer among others.

Type two diabetes

This is caused by obesity in a majority of people. This is because a lot of fatty tissues become resistant to insulin.  There are various ways of preventing type 2 diabetes such as losing weight, exercising habitually and eating well.

Heart ailments

They occur due to increased blood pressure and high cholesterol caused by excess fat. This condition involves narrowed and/or blocked vessels of the blood that leads to heart attack, chest pain or stroke. Nevertheless, these ailments can be avoided or treated by changing lifestyle practices.


It is commonly referred to as a mood disorder. It affects the mind especially how you feel, thinks, and handle daily undertakings such as eating, sleeping or working. There are various types of depression; psychotic, postpartum, seasonal and persistent depressive disorder. Psychotic depression is severe depression and has some form of obsession such as delusions where you see things and hear them too while others cannot, otherwise called hallucinations.

Postpartum depression experienced by women after delivery of their newborns. This may happen during or after pregnancy. This depression comprises great sadness, exhaustion, and anxiety that it affects the handling of daily activities by the new mother.

Seasonal depression is mainly experienced during winter or cold seasons. It is accompanied by withdrawal of the person from social undertakings, a lot of sleep, and increased weight gain. However, it lifts away when it’s a little bit warmer or during summer. The persistent depressive disorder has symptoms that last two years. It is made up of major depression and less severe symptoms.

Personal training online and its gains

Personal training facilities can be communicated successfully online through the advancement of technology. Fortunately for those that prefer one to one training is still available. Benefits of going online include; pocket friendliness, a wider choice of trainer, time and location not specified, email provision and motivation.

The cost of training online saves the client some money since there are no travel costs or gym fees. The gym instructor spends most of the time on the client, hence a win-win situation for both participants. On the part of the wider choice of trainers, by comparing the availability of trainer in the gym is dependent on who is available that specified moment the client has arrived at the gym.

While going online there is an advantage you get to choose who trains you as the market is competitive and trainers have to improve their services regularly. Time and location are not relevant as you have total control of your routine. You can work out anywhere and anytime as your personal trainer is there grind for you and with you.

Concerning email provision, your trainer has the opportunity to follow up after training sessions to ensure that you as the client benefits totally from scheduled workouts and if not, they send an efficient number of exercise tutorials and videos to assist. Online training may mainly consist of self-motivation but everything has been made easier as your personal trainer can constantly be messaging and answering questions you may have for them. This allows both of you to monitor progress and complete workouts.

On the downside of online training there is the risk of injuries happening to the client as workouts are custom-made for those who have knowledge of exercises. However, the constant communication with your trainer provides a link to communicate concise instructions to be followed during an exercise or workout.

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