Tips on how to burn 25 pounds fast

  More than 30% of young people in America are obese, and obesity has become an endemic spreading across other parts of the western world. Considering the dangers it pose to health, obesity should be treated as a national emergency and governments across the countries of the world should deal with it as a matter of urgency.

Many of the affected individuals have tried all available methods, but only a few of them had been able to get a meaningful result in their attempt to burn fat. If you are one of those having unwanted pads of fat on you and you desire a complete transformation, the tips mentioned in this write-up will teach you how to burn up to 25 pounds of fat very fast so that you can live a healthier life.

Get moving

One of the simplest ways to burn fat is to exercise. A mobile person rarely builds fat. In fact, research shows that brisk walking for about 30 minutes per day can help you to burn a lot of calories.

Cutting calories can help, but there is more to losing weight than that you need to work those muscles and put them under some pressure, which will in turn force the conversion of that fat on you to energy.   Brisk walking is a form of exercise, and it combines with a reduction in calories intake for a considerable removal of the unwanted fat on the body.

Moving does not have to be every day; you can make it about four times a week.  The workout should not be strenuous. You can go for the stairs in place of the elevator. You can decide to take a bus to work instead of driving.

You can equally decide to walk back home after the day’s work, provided you are not too tired, and your home is not far from your workplace. While at work, you can decide to walk down the hallway to an associates or subordinate’s office to get a file instead of calling on someone to bring the file.  These simple things will add up and count for much over time.

Fruits and veggies can help

Fruits and veggies are rich in fibers.  Consequently, they can make you feel full for a long time. Consequently, you will not feel like eating too often. Taking fruits and veggies as part of your breakfast can put an end to that desire to take mid-morning snacks. It can also reduce your food intake to two or three times in day devoid of snacks and junk foods that will only make you fat.

Furthermore, fruits and veggies are not rich in calories, which is one of the main factors responsible for fat accumulation. Eating a large portion of fruits and vegetables will, therefore, not make you fat.

Aside from containing low calories, fruits and vegetables are rich in water, fiber, and nutrients. The nutrients can improve your metabolic rate, which will cause you to burn more of the stored fat on you.  Eating a large portion of fruits and vegetables can help you to lose weight without going hungry for hours.

Divide your meal into two; fill the first part with lean protein and whole grain, like low-fat dairy, tofu, beans and lean cur meat.  Then fill the other half with fruits and vegetables.

Calorie-free beverages

Calorie free beverages can help to get rid of that unwanted fat on you. Hot tea and water can quench thirst better than any other beverage you can ever come by.  You will end up consuming up to 65 grams of sugar and 240 calories when you consume a 20-ounce soda.

Grande hot chocolate with fat-free milk is also not helpful; it contains up to 360 calories.  Whipped cream is equally rich in calories.  If you are in love with specialty drinks, you should always skip the syrups and whipped creams and also go for a smaller size of specialty drinks with low-fat or fat-free milk.

Set target

Never fail to eat three meals per day. It will prevent you from getting too hungry, which will cause you to eat excessively and pack up calories.  It will equally help you to burn more calories since it will keep your metabolism active. Eating less than twice in a day can prompt you to eat excessively

A female should aim at consuming a maximum of 500 calories per meal, while a male should aim at consuming a maximum of 600 calories per meal. Both the man and the woman should not consume more than 200 calories when taking snacks.

Keep track

Keeping track of your weight loss journey can help you to maintain the successes you have achieved.  Tracking your calorie consumption helps you to see where you have gone wrong and what food has caused the increase in calories or fat. Therefore, you can cut down on the fast food to prevent unwanted weight gain.

Measuring out portion can help you to keep track of your calories perfectly. Keeping track means keeping a food diary.

Cut yourself some slack

Most people give up when their weight loss effort does not seem to be paying off. They became agitated and stressed up, which may cause an increase in cortisol production (cortisol is the hormone produced when humans are under stress).

Increase in cortisol may cause you to take solace in binge eating and other hideous acts in an attempt to feed your frustration. The result is an excess accumulation of fat.  You cannot be perfect. Be ready to forgive yourself and move on.  If you fail to meet your target for a particular day or week, try again for the coming day or week.

Furthermore, you can make your weight loss plans flexible. Rigidity rarely works since daily conditions may not be perfect to support that repetitive process.


The above points can help you to burn fat fast. It works perfectly, and you can start losing weight in the first week. Your exercise does not have to be strenuous; simple brisk walking on a daily basis can do wonders. You do not have to starve yourself to burn fat; you only need to choose your meals carefully. Careful meal choices do not have to make your meals less palatable. If you follow the tips above, you can burn up to 25 pounds in about a couple of months or less.

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